What you should know about me:

  • design & layout
  • branding & identity
  • typography
  • illustration
Kathie Bayne
favorite things:

bright colors, indie music, snowboarding, nail polish, drawing, outdoors, coffee, reading, hello kitty.

where i live:
San Diego, California

San Diego, California

favorite os to work on:

I’ve learned a ton through my journey through MDMFA. The best thing that has come out of this for me is time management. I feel that I have a much better understanding as to my limits and how I work in design since before I started this program. It has been a great learning experience. I’ve come across some great people to look up to such as Margo Chase. Her work is great. I’ve also learned a great deal about how much and what to research. After doing a ton of research for my Master’s project I think I can research just about anything.